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Rent a VRS-01 Simulator

F1 simulators are used world-wide for different marketing happenings  - from sales campaigns, grand openings, product launhes to kick-offs, events och trade shows. A F1-simulator creates "hype" och starts a word-of-mouth marketing campain. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective marketing available according to many. You will create a unik attraction with the VRS-01 simulator at your next happening, an attraction full of excitement, energy, and happiness. Above all, you will have the opportunity to give your customers or employees and unforgettable experience.



When you rent an F1 Simulator from V-Racing, transport, setup and personell is always included. For extra effect, V-Racing can wrap the simulator with your company color and apply your logos.

The simulator can be equiped with either:

3 x 85 inch monitors for a 12k (12000 pixels) resolution for an intense graphic experience!

(Floor area 4 x 4 meters)


49 inch monitor

(Floor area 4 x 2 meters) 


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