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V-Racing is the perfect place to visit if you want to combine your next conference with an exciting activity and teambuilding or spend a fast-paced afternoon driving pro F1 simulators together with your colleagues.


Corporate events

Take over the V-Racing locale and put some speed into your next event!

The world's best racing drivers train in simulators before every grand prix and V-Racing provides your company with the possibility to do the same. This is something for everyone who wants to experience how it feels  to drive a Formula 1 car. Everyone can drive! Bring along your colleagues and drive like you couldn't imagine. A team building activity that your colleagues will never forget.

You have the entire V-Racing locale at your disposal during the event.

Meeting room with large presentation TV.

5 simulators.

Book a corporate event

Do you wonder how it feels to drive an F1 car? Find out at V-Racing


How it works

The event begins with a thorough walk through of the track and the car. It also includes a presentation of the simulator as well as driving techniques that give the driver the prerequisites requred to get the most out of the test drive and to drive fast. The test driving is done with instruction; our instructors give crucial tips and feedback in order to improve the skills of the driver and to get better lap times.

Compete Individually for best lap times and most driven laps, or compete in teams, where good teamwork is crucial  to cross the finish line first.

Every driver is rewarded a digital certificate of completion. The drivers also receive a link to our websitewhere the lap times and lap telemetry can be seen.

For example, check out Kevin's lap times and telemetry here:

Tillgång till varvtider och telemetri på V-Racing Test-Drive

VRS-01 Racing Simulator

Scandinavian's only pro F1 simulator

The VRS-01 Racing Simulator is one of the world's most advanced F1 simulators.


The simulator is equiped with a D-Box motion system, the first system ever  to beofficially licensed by the FIA. D-Box puts the simulator in motion accordning to the telemetry from the software, giving the driver the feeling of driving for real, resulting in better driving control. The graphics system is 4 meters wide and gives the driver a 170 degree view, which gives an amazing feeling for speed and immerses you into the simulation. The simulator is equiped with custom made F1 steering wheel and pedals.

The VRS-01 Racing Simulator is made in Sweden by V-Racing.


Alx Danielsson, pro driver for Renault and former F1 test pilot, says:

"The best simulator I have ever driven, as close to real F1 as you can get!"


The Car

Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 in iRacig

Car: Mercedes-AMG F1 W12

It is always recommended to drive the W12, but companies that have driven our simulators

before have the possibility to choose the Mercedes-AMG F1 W13.

Please message us this request when booking.


The Track

Track: Monza

For all customers that are driving for the first time, we always recommend Monza.

For companies that have driven our simulators before, you have the possibility to choose other tracks such as Silverstone, Spa, Zandvoort, Suzuka, Interlagos, Nurburgring, Hockenheim, Gilles Villeneuve, Jerez, Magny Cours,Catalunya, Hungaroring, Red Bull Ring, Imola och Circuit of the Americas.

Please message us this request when booking.



Groups max 15 drivers

Minimum age: 16 unless approved

Minimum height: 150 cm

Maximum weight: 110 kg

Attention - take the necessary measures against motion sickness if you are susceptible to this. Branding of simulators can be arranged upon request.


Priser från 4.250 kr /h


Rent a VRS-01 Racing Simulator

Rent an F1 Simulator to your next event.

Simulator Rental

Create unbelievable energy with an F1 simulator

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