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More about the car

VRS-01 is one of the market's most advanced F1 simulators ... and the most beautiful. It is designed and built specifically for Race Center applications and professional racing driver training, but serves as a charm to attract huge crowds at public events, trade shows and marketing campaigns.

VRS-01 has the heart and soul of the swimming racing enthusiast and the appeal of an F1 car. VRS-01 provides the ultimate realism and traction to attract both customers and sponsors.

VRS-01 is built with high-tech materials of high quality and withstands the harsh conditions included in Race Center applications and trade fairs. From the reinforced fiberglass monocoque and base frame to the durable color finish, everything about the design of the VRS-01 is robust. At the same time, the VRS-01 is stylish and elegant - just like a real Grand Prix race car should be.

VRS-01 has an adjustable seat / pedals / headrest and the best racing controls on the market. The VRS-01 attracts the senses and delivers a device like no other thanks to it and the unique D-Box 3-axis motion system .... it does not come closer to reality than this! Everything in VRS-01 is adapted to make driving more exciting and to bring out motorsport in virtual racing.

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